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Corvettes West Car Club
Greeley, Colorado
HomeMay 2015
May run and, well, not so much with all the rain, but still those who came had a great time.  Now, looking forward to June.  Lots of activities come up so stay tuned.

One of the more popular American made sports cars for decades has been the Corvette. The Corvette is manufactured by General Motors owned Chevrolet and is one of the signature cars of not only that company, but of the American presence in the automotive industry as a whole. The Corvette has captured both the fantasy and imagination of the public and remains one of the more sought after vehicles in the United States and abroad. Many limited edition and classic Corvettes have sold for serious money at auction, proving that the desire for these cars is not temporary or on a fly-by-night basis. The Corvette continues to be the epitome of “cool”.


Here are some fun car facts that you may not have known about the Chevrolet Corvette:

-The original front emblem logo on the Corvettes that made the trade show circuit featured a checkered flag and an American flag crossed, later Chevrolet was alerted to the fact that it is illegal to use an American flag on a trademark and the logo was changed.

-As revolutionary that the Corvette was when introduced in 1953, the only part or component included in its manufacturing that was not already available in other Chevrolet models was the fiberglass body.

-Manual transmission was listed as an option on the 1954 Chevrolet Corvette, but no model was ordered, manufactured, or delivered that year with a manual transmission.